Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

lots and lots that doesn't need to be here.. who would've thought that a Zack Snyder movie would be too long? luckily a trick to making a long runtime bearable is to fill your movie with lots of very attractive people; every protagonist (+ 4 zombies) in this movie is a stunner! a real catch! but the depth of field was frustrating me too. it was neat for some shots but when every thing or person only like an inch behind the main subject of a shot was out of focus, I frowned I'll admit it I'll say it

not gonna be a downer though, those are the main two things that just didn't gel with me. there's a lot of fun to this! i was very much caught off guard that I actually cared about some of the characters. friendship between codebreaker guy and Omari Hardwick was tender and sweet and the best part <3

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