Sudden Impact ★★★

A Dirty Harry movie where Dirty Harry isn't the main character. They spend an awful lot of time with Sondra Locke's Jennifer as she gets revenge on those who sexually assaulted her sister and herself ten years prior, with harsh and sometimes more-graphic-than-you'd-expect imagery. I guess by now with this series I should be use to the graphic violence, but the pervasive sadness you see and feel for these two women made it that much harder to take. Additionally, Harry gets attacked verbally and physically a great deal here, and there was a lot of women being punched full on in the face.

I found the pacing off. The sense of urgency and intensity came in and out. Additionally, while I am no director or editor, I noticed numerous times were the cut to Harry speaking seems like a split millisecond should have been trimmed off because there is unjustified silence before he speaks. And the close-ups on Sondra Locke's eyes for the flashbacks lingers slightly too long before the camera pulls in and before the flashback occurs. I know this may read as nitpicking, but these things were standing out to me while I watching.

And I am still thinking about that ending where Harry himself seems out for revenge. He has always been happy to blow the crooks away, but here when he is in silhouette standing in the middle of the street with his extra-large Magnum handgun already in hand it was like he only had murder on the mind more than saving the girl, self-defense or even justice. And would the Harry Callahan of1971 let the ending resolution occur?

The comic relief of the dog didn't gel with the movie. The idea is sound - lighten the mood to juxtapose with the constant flashbacks of the rape scene and the other violence in the picture - but a bulldog peeing and farting for those laughs just doesn't get the job done.

After enjoyed Albert Popwell in the last movie, I was happy to see him in the credits at the start of the film. But when he arrives, he is a completely different character! It turns out I missed he was different characters in the first two Dirty Harry movies as well: he was the punk in the "Do you feel lucky, punk" scene and he was the abusive murderous pimp who was blown away in his fancy car in Magnum Force. Yet, with a bigger part last time and a featured role here it was more obvious it was the same actor, especially watching these movies so close together. Now that I have this knowledge of all his appearances, I hope he comes back for more in the last Dirty Harry movie!

While not the worst in the series, it didn't really feel like it belonged with the rest, either. The most disturbing entry since the original, that is for sure.

I was disappointed Sudden Impact didn't make my day.

Not recommend