The Enforcer ★★½

A decline in quality from the first two Dirty Harry movies. This one felt cheaply made - from the screenplay to the sparseness of the locations to the supporting cast's line deliveries.

This is a Dirty Harry movie so you know the violence will be harsh. But the violence seemed so tasteless this time because the villains doing these murders were so underdeveloped, boring and poorly performed. One of the things that made that first movie so creepy was the performance of Andrew Robinson as the killer. Paired with director Don Siegel's direction the movie still resonates and packs a punch. The Enforcer has none of that, and with cheap production values and a story that should have been interesting but surprisingly is not we have a forgettable throwaway sequel that is only worth watching because of Clint.

Clint Eastwood is terrific in this role here. He gets some great one-liners and you really get behind his intensity as he is forced to suffer all these fools in the department. Tyne Daly is good, of course, and I liked Albert Popwell in his few scenes. He and Clint work great together.

The pervasive chauvinism and racist dialogue, ideas and themes that may have seen edgy at the time of release date this movie worse than the fashions and hairstyles do. There was no subtly to it. Apparently the filmmakers felt the need to jump on the 1970's exploitation bandwagon.

One highlight for me here is the music. I loved the variety of styles and the riffs were fun and catchy. Though, the jazzy score underneath the chase in the middle of the movie - even though I enjoyed the piece - was absolutely completely wrong for the scene it was scoring and shouldn't have been there. The music underneath the final showdown on Alcatraz island would have been much more appropriate.

The Enforcer is a disappointment. Where I liked and understood why Magnum Force was more mainstream than Dirty Harry, the production values, story, screenplay and execution of The Enforcer feel disposable. They are certainly underachieving here and I have faith the series can redeem itself when we hit the early 1980s with Sudden Impact.

Not Recommend