• Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe

    Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe


    Some really great laugh-out-loud moments here.

    I have watched enough Phineas and Ferb to know that in this sandbox the boys and Dr. Doofenshmirtz have insane scientific knowledge, endless access to building materials and magical time-management skills to allow all the adventures of an episode to happen in that particular day of summer vacation. So I won't question any of that logic, it is part of the fun of watching the show. No worries

    However, it is established during this…

  • Rhinestone



    Rhinestone is just one of those notorious movies that, eventually, curiosity gets the better of me and I have to see it for myself. Thankfully it is no where near as bad as I heard. It is completely watchable, yet sadly is not enjoyable. A tried-and-true conventional movie plot saddled that just tries waaaaaay too hard to be funny and charming.

    Two of the supporting performances are so over the top to the point of them being cartoonish. The romantic…

  • Secret Society of Second Born Royals

    Secret Society of Second Born Royals


    Entertaining lightweight family superhero movie nicely suited for its intended audience. Simple plot that us parents of course figured out early on, yet the characters and the premise are strong enough that we didn’t mind watching along with them. 

    Affable, ready made-for sequels movie that families can enjoy together.

  • Bastille Day

    Bastille Day


    This movie shows us just how great Idris Elba could have been as James Bond.

  • National Lampoon's Van Wilder

    National Lampoon's Van Wilder


    Easy to watch, fun to watch; Ryan Reynolds is likable in full Ferris Bueller mode. However, Van Wilder is never laugh-out-loud funny or a good movie by any means.

  • Underwater



    An interesting premise of the need to escape an underwater mining facility that quickly devolves into a movie too reminiscent of Alien (1979), trading out outer space for the depths of the ocean, to keep me interested.

    It is watchable but not likable. 

    Not recommend

  • The Muppet Movie

    The Muppet Movie


    It felt like I was visiting with some old friends. This movie hit the spot tonight.

    Had the pleasure of introducing the kids to this very special movie for me. While I always preferred The Great Muppet Caper growing up, this movie is just plain wonderful. So glad they enjoyed it and what a pleasure that The Muppets could make us all laugh and smile together.

    So happy it is still as funny, heartwarming and hopeful as it was over…

  • Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog

    Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog


    A simple story told well, well filmed, featuring beautiful Scotland location shots, and a likable strong performance by the titular dog. The overall editing of the piece helped keep this at-times-slower-paced story moving along. And the editing for the dog's performance was not overly cutesy, and smartly helps convey why so many are taken by him, and bring out the best in them.

    Liked Greyfriars Bobby so much more than anticipated. A charming little unexpected heartwarming surprise of a movie.

  • The Sum of All Fears

    The Sum of All Fears


    First rewatch since theaters and I am impressed with how much of the second half I remembered, and how much of the first half I did not.

    A bummer of a movie, however the political tension in that second half is top notch and well played by Keiran Hinds and James Cromwell. I like Ben Affleck, but with all due respect he is not a convincing Jack Ryan; he seems out of his depth here.

    Would be happy to revisit this one again in another 18 years, however no need to do so earlier that that.

  • The Bears and I

    The Bears and I


    Serviceable Disney movie of the early 1970s, similar to others about human/animals in unique relationships. The main character, Patrick Wayne (son of John) looks like Robert Reed crossed with James Garner of this era - without the charisma, unfortunately. Found the Robert Reed similarity quite distracting throughout.

    Even though the movie is called The Bears and I , the movie is a lot about U.S. government and Native American relations. The bears sound like Chewbacca, which makes sense as Ben…

  • Perri



    Once again there is great animal footage as you come to expect from Disney nature movies of this era, however I wouldn't put this up there with some of the grander "True Life Adventure" movies in that regard.

    Even though this is called Perri, she isn't really in half of this; other animals around the surrounding forest get plenty of screen time.

    The narrator introduces this as a play (and speaks in rhymes sometimes for some reason), and it does…

  • Hook



    First watch since theaters and my impressions are the same now as they were in 1991. It’s an average film that takes too much time to get going. I don’t get the love people have for this title. 

    The grand premise of the movie doesn’t live up to the promise of the concept. Never mind that concept goes against the most basic aspect of the character.