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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Visually overwhelming, stuffed with pop-culture references and undeveloped characters, it felt nothing like Spielbergs other films I grew up with. “Why can’t we go backward for once?”

  • How the West Was Won

    How the West Was Won


    By far the most beautifully shot western I ever saw.

  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    Concentration on skinny plot line, but not dream-like surreality and perversion of the american dream, makes me feel that I missed the most important point of the film. Need to re-watch.

  • Wreck-It Ralph

    Wreck-It Ralph


    Not as childish as it should be, but very entertaining and funny! And a bit nostalgic. Definitely my favorite for "Best Animated Feature".

  • The Master

    The Master


    Maybe not my favourite, but definitely the best and probably the most rewarding Paul Thomas Anderson film.

  • Summer with Monika

    Summer with Monika


    #11 of The December Project

    While digging deeper into Bergman's cinematography, I'm starting to realise how great director he was. Even though I didn't liked problematic conclusion at the end of it, I think, Summer with Monika is one of best looking films I saw in recent years. And these high contrast scenes with Monika and Harry laying on the rocks will be burned into my memory until upcoming re-watch.

  • Tabu



    #5 of The December Project

    As one of the most highly rated movies of 2012, it didn't live up my expectations. Tabu does look great and in black and white it feels deeply nostalgic, however, beautifully told average love story stays only beautifully told average love story.

  • The Future

    The Future


    #10 of The December Project

    Creepy talking cat, time manipulation, crawling t-shirt and taking moons (I'm excluding those weird dances as I don't understand anything about modern dance performances). Finally, I've found time to watch long-waited movies from my watchlist, but it was complete waste of time. If Miranda July IS the voice of our generation, then this generation doesn't have any future.

    Well, at least, I liked Beach House soundtrack.

  • The Red Balloon

    The Red Balloon


    #9 of The December Project

    34 minutes long, but it counts, right?

    Brilliantly made and beautifully shot movie about friendship, loyalty and harsh reality. And zero CGI tricks!

  • Safety Not Guaranteed

    Safety Not Guaranteed


    #8 of The December Project

    Amazingly balanced film with really likable characters (weirdos are new cool, right?) and story about time travel (without intellectual stuff), which touches viscerally. Though, I'm not sure if subplot about Jeff and his old flame has expected ending (or any at all).

    And I'm starting to like Audrey Plaza's performances.

  • The Bourne Legacy

    The Bourne Legacy


    #4 of The December Project

    Really bad spy movie and really average action movie with unsatisfying ending. I'm not sure why they made it, but pretty sure that there will be a sequel.

  • Premium Rush

    Premium Rush


    #3 of The December Project

    Firstly, I thought - "One-dimensional characters with really REALLY banal motivation? So shallow script? WTF??", but that's what keeps so high pace in the movie and apart from some overstepping with plot lines, it's quite enjoyable ride.