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  • The Proud Ones

    The Proud Ones


    Even though the central premise of old school town marshall fighting corruption and social changes brought about commercialization and the arrival of a greedy gambling house owner was already cliche by this era, THE PROUD ONES excels its pulpy roots thanks to lovely Cinemascope photography, atmospheric sets and lighting and an engaging thriller script where both the dialogue and performances both transcend the usually dry-as-a-bone and flat-as-a-pancake entertainment value of a 1950's Western.

    THE PROUD ONES smartly knows what story…

  • The Shadow

    The Shadow


    Part of a long line of tone-deaf 90's genre films that never knew who their audience were (DARKMAN and MARS ATTACKS! spring to mind here), Russell Mulcahey's rich and gorgeous looking ode to 1920's and 30's pulp fiction and radio drama superhero The Shadow suggests that too much faithfulness to the source material can be a bad thing...or at least too much faithfulness to the wrong aspects of the source material.

    THE SHADOW is brought down by the long-recognized misguided…

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  • Back to the Future

    Back to the Future


    Perfection is a term that you have to be careful with before you dare to throw it around. It implies a kind of unique, finely-tuned, high-water mark that could almost not be exceeded without significantly altering the thing that is perfect to begin with. Perfection is also timeless, something that doesn't date unless it actually gets better with age. Perfection is hard to come by...but perfection is the seminal 1980's growing-up/time-travel/sci-fi/comedy extravaganza: BACK TO THE FUTURE. Like lightning that is…

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


    While I can totally concede that this film stands completely on the shoulders of the original movie (at times being a near shot-for-shot remake) and its self-indulgent running time of almost 3 hours can give the impression that this is a blockbuster-sized adaptation on steroids, it goes without saying that this is still David Fincher's greatest achievement since his seminal FIGHT CLUB and his most beautiful work since SE7EN. Facts alone, with all remake-politics aside, that make this a worthwhile…