Back to the Future ★★★★★

Perfection is a term that you have to be careful with before you dare to throw it around. It implies a kind of unique, finely-tuned, high-water mark that could almost not be exceeded without significantly altering the thing that is perfect to begin with. Perfection is also timeless, something that doesn't date unless it actually gets better with age. Perfection is hard to come by...but perfection is the seminal 1980's growing-up/time-travel/sci-fi/comedy extravaganza: BACK TO THE FUTURE. Like lightning that is captured in a bottle, the film is a result not so much of genius control, but serendipitous coincidence of the right people, at the right time, making the right film that they will never top in their careers. Carved out of a long and laborious organic process and crafted into many shapes before settling on the story that was finally filmed, this movie exudes a level of creative zest so strong you can barely find the right genre to stick it in; so unique is its presentation, content and execution.

The script is perfect. It's a masterclass in creative writing, character development, act-structure, film crafting and finely tuned comedy. Zemeckis' direction has never been better as he deftly blends an almost epic-style action adventure with the laugh-out-loud gags and comic timings of its extremely talented cast who have gone into the annals of history thanks to the characters they have created here. Edited as tight as any modern flick, pumped to volume level 11 by Alan Silvestri's can't-get-it-out-of-your-head musical score, Huey Lewis' iconic songs and Industrial Light & Magic's fantastically understated visual effects, BACK TO THE FUTURE is a go-to movie for a host of different kinds of entertainment: coming of age story, period film, rock'n'roll movie, science fiction adventure, time-travel head-trip, laugh-out-loud comedy or high-school drama. Filmmakers dream of, someday, making a movie that lasts the ages like this film has and if you haven't seen it then you really haven't seen movies at all.