It Follows

It Follows ★★★★½

After watching this, I went out and bought myself a purity ring.

I want to start off by saying how incredible the soundtrack is. It does such a phenomenal job at setting the mood and tone for this film. Its seriously one of the best soundtracks in a film I've ever heard. It had me mesmerized during the whole film.

It Follows isn't your typical recycled, been there done that horror film. It's a film that is genuinely creepy as hell and filled with suspense. The film doesn't rely on jump scares to make the audience scared (although there is one or two), the audience is scared because the director created such an atmosphere. It Follows is such a beautiful film as well, there are so many amazing shots through out the run entire time. I can't say enough about the cinematography either, just wow. The acting all around is very solid. Everyone felt very genuine and real. Maika Monroe is going to be the next big thing; you can put that guarantee down in writing.

It Follows is definitely one of the best 80s films I've seen that wasn't actually made in the 80s. I wasn't alive during the 80s, but this film made me feel like I was while watching it. I cannot give the director enough credit for that. The atmosphere is just too real. The film also takes place in Detroit and I live about an hour from Detroit; which I think added to the creepiness for me personally. The comparisons to John Carpenter are completely warranted. Between the music and atmosphere, this film reminded me a lot of the original Halloween. I seriously can't get over the soundtrack and how well shot this film is. It's really so impressive.

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