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  • Bride of Re-Animator

    Bride of Re-Animator


    I probably put off watching this so long because of my deep love for Re-Animator and fear that some how it would take away from that deep love if I happened to hate it. I did not hate it, in fact I loved that it was like a reunion, in that everyone is much more batshit than the last time you saw them, but that's cool, it's just nice to see them again. Pun only partially intended with "batshit."

  • Pinocchio


    Second film of a double feature with Pinocchio's Birthday Party at Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson for the AGFA Secret Screening birthday celebration. This is a special one.

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  • My Neighbor Totoro

    My Neighbor Totoro


    It might be ok if every movie suddenly and magically became this movie. Instant favorite animated film ever.

  • Tales of Halloween

    Tales of Halloween


    I'm probably just going to review this as I watch from this point...I just watched Lucky McKee's segment, and if it gets worse, I may leave it unfinished. Also, I don't give a shit at this point about the titles of each segment, so imma just number them.

    1. Pretty solid intro, showed potential. Other than the candy left on the floor when the parents arrived. There was candy. They didn't eat it all. Get your shit straight.
    2. Almost…