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  • Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
  • Sex Drive

    Sex Drive

    The pacing in this movie is some of the worst I’ve felt in a long while. The halfway point of the movie feels like it occurs at the end of the first arc. The one enjoyable part of the movie occurs in the final 10 minutes and is honestly kinda fun but holy shit I can barely remember the order of events and I just finished watching it. So few jokes got a legitimate laugh out of me and most…

  • 2012


    I remember as a 9-year-old how my friends talked about this movie when it first previewed. As a timid child the premise of the movie horrified me, and as an adult I still am horrified, for entirely different reasons.

    So many of the plot lines and characters that this movie follows either end up nowhere or feel so flung around it's a chore. Halfway through the movie someone calls up their son as they're about to be hit and up…