First Cow ★★★★

Overall I really liked this, but I still got mixed feelings bout' this film.

So there are two things that didn't make it for me: (1) It was increadibly slow for like the first 35 minutes of the movie, but like EXCESSIVELY SLOW; (2) I think the dialogues and the writing weren't so good, I mean they weren't bad, but the weren't amazing either, they were okay.

Now, the things I loved about this: the incredibly beautiful shots of the woods and its animals and plants, with background music that fitted perfectly; the color palette used in this was also on point. Also I liked the characters and I found the story very believable.

In conclusion: I think this was a slow at times movie, with okay dialogues and okay writing, but with amazing shots and photography, likeable characters and really focused on contemplative and subtle aspects, more than action or drama. Aproved!