Julia Lutz

Julia Lutz

She who dies with the longest watchlist wins?

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  • Footlight Parade
  • Justin de Marseille

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  • Paid to Love


  • House on Haunted Hill


  • Renegades


  • Handy Andy


Recent reviews

  • The Constant Nymph

    The Constant Nymph


    A faithful but otherwise undistinguished adaptation of the novel.

  • She Made Her Bed

    She Made Her Bed


    ...but Laura isn't sleeping too well since she met traveler "Wild Bill" Smith. Suddenly she can't ignore that her husband Duke sleeps with every woman passing through their motor court who given him the glad eye.

    Based on a story by James M. Cain; if this had been made in 1944 it would have a devoted film noir cult.

Popular reviews

  • The Scarlet Empress

    The Scarlet Empress


    A fever dream of sex, violence, and grotesqueness. An impressionist sketch of infinite riches in a squalid little room.

    If some Lubitsch comedies are operettas minus the singing, The Scarlet Empress is unsung grand opera: a vestigial plot and a purely nominal basis in history, serving as a pretext for a series of star turns of the highest order. It's demented, and as in the operatic world, I intend that as the highest praise possible. If I knew more about 20th century music, I would lament that someone didn't collaborate with von Sternberg to give this work the musical setting it deserves.

  • Male and Female

    Male and Female


    The desert island sequences are underpinned by BDSM in Victorian fancy dress, seasoned with a touch of blasphemy. And then of course in the last reel de Mille pivots to upholding middle-class middle American virtues.