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Favorite films

  • The Revenant
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  • Spider-Man 2
  • Pan's Labyrinth

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  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1




  • The Revenant


  • Enemy


Recent reviews

  • Expats



    First great piece of entertainment this year that’s just being completely disregarded by its streaming platform as well as being watched by those who clearly aren’t interested to engage with Wang’s fascinating creation.

    Why do we lie to the people we love? Why do we put ourselves in circumstances that halt us from happiness? Why do we find serenity in places sometimes far from home? Is to hide from the real problems? How can you even find joy in the…

  • Biosphere



    “Bowling ball”.

    Still a wonderful and seriously underwatched flick. Great score by the Enemy guys.

    The real performance we should be nominating Sterling K. Brown for, but I don’t think we’re ready for that convo yet.

Popular reviews

  • Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop


    Swear to god, if someone flags this shit.

  • The Adventures of Mark Twain

    The Adventures of Mark Twain


    There’s literally a sequence where Satan shows up to tell Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer that life is meaningless and that existential forces are entirely indifferent to the human race and we’ve damned ourselves due to endless hunger for intelligence resulting in more practice of cruelty towards each other.

    I mean you’re not wrong Mark Twain, but what the hell man?