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  • Mystics in Bali

    Mystics in Bali


    And in today's story of “What the fuck did you think was gonna happen when you go to Indonesia and mess with black magic, you dumb American tourist”, Mystics in Bali! What a wild one!

    Cackling old witch sorcery going down in the woods, bodies transforming into plopped out pig-faced monstrosities, electrical tongues sipping up some sweet sweet blood, and vampire fanged heads being torn out guts 'n' all, sucking fresh babies straight outta the womb! Crazy. I love the…

  • Lady Terminator

    Lady Terminator


    We've seen more dead bodies than you've eaten hot dogs!”

    Well let's see, I'm about three minutes into the movie and already this “South Sea Queen” has had her vagina snake(!) bite off a dude's junk in a violent burst of blood. And then while getting it on with another guy, he grasps her snake turning it into a magical dagger(!?) which locks her away under the sea for a hundred years, as she vows revenge against his great granddaughter…

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  • Eye in the Labyrinth

    Eye in the Labyrinth


    Starts off with a beautifully shot, trippy murder sequence of a psychiatrist inside of his patient/lovers labyrinthian nightmare. The CRUNCH on those knife stabs are about as meaty as they get! And when she wakes up from her dream, the good doc has all but disappeared. With only the name “Maracudi” left in her memories, our heroine is off on a hazy voyage to try and separate fantasy from reality.

    I love the breezy relaxed vacation vibe of this mysterious…

  • Flavia the Heretic

    Flavia the Heretic


    Poor Flavia, forced into a convent at a young age by her tyrant father, left miserable and horny AF, and when given the choice of staying in a loveless marriage with Jesus, or going on a sexy beach romp with the hunky Claudio Cassinelli... our HERETIC makes the best choice of her life! Jesus never stood a chance! And from there it's all death to the patriarchy, let these nuns have some fun, and a wicked lil orgy of sex…

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  • Half Past Midnight

    Half Past Midnight


    Wicked lil SOV horror short about Debbie, a young girl bullied at school by a bunch of bitchy Crystal, Misty, and Mercedes lookin' types, getting creeped on by her pervo teacher, and even the nurse seems to want her dead for some reason or another! She ends up in the hospital before coming back for one big cathartic chainsawin' massacre that definitely doesn't hold back on the bountiful blood 'n' gore. Such a fun watch, love the sick synth score loaded with wailing guitar solos giving off that perfect late 80's moody atmosphere, and the lo-fi VHS aesthetic just can't be beat. Go Debbie Go!

  • Devil Times Five

    Devil Times Five


    An isolated cabin in the woods – snowed-in, phone lines are down, nearest town is a million miles away, and the vehicles are totally fucked. It's just the perfect setting to have a bunch of dorky adults on a business trip getting absolutely BRUTALIZED by five psycho kids who got lost in a van accident on the way to the funny farm. The kills are creative as hell, kicking off with a slo-mo torture session that sets the uncaring tone…