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  • The Lodger

    The Lodger


    1944's The Lodger is a well acted, perfectly competent movie that unfortunately misses the point that made the Hitchcock version so good.

    In Hitchcock's version, the title character is shown to be a suspicious man who draws attention as possibly being Jack the Ripper. The odds are against him and he is all but guilty. He is beaten and tortured until finally there is no hope left, and then the twist comes and he is shown to be a wrongly…

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    Well if this doesn't make me go back and finish watching Twin Peaks, I don't know what will. I watched up to the mid point of season two probably around ten years ago and gave it up because it seemed to have run out of gas after the killer reveal. I've heard good things about the finale but I have reached the point where I would have to start over from the beginning to catch up. After watching FWWM, and…

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  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    When I was a kid our family would make a trip every Sunday to the local video store and we would all get to pick a movie. Despite only being 10 years old, I always went straight for the Horror section and picked out movies based on what had the scariest cover or had a name I could recognize. Within a year or two I had seen pretty much all the horror movies my video store had to offer but…

  • Frogs



    A man is poisoned by a lizard.
    *Camera zooms in on evil frogs*
    A woman out chasing butterflies is killed by snakes and leeches.
    *Camera zooms in on evil frogs*
    A man shoots himself in the leg and is killed by spiders.
    *Camera zooms in on evil frogs*
    A woman has her ankle attacked by a turtle and gets eaten by crabs.
    *Camera zooms in on evil frogs*
    A man is chased down and eaten by an alligator.
    *Camera zooms…