C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud

C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud ★★★★

🎃Hooptober Se7en🎃

BUD the CHUD! This was AMAZING dudes, quite the stud! Man, why is this fun flick so universally hated? Sure, it has nothing in common with the first film, our chudders are no longer slimy sewer freaks, the gore and bloodshed has gone totally kaput, and this leans so hard into slapstick comedy (zomedy?) that I guess I could see it turning some peeps off. But still, it's zany, it's wacky, it's legit funny, it's well made, and it wears STUPID as a badge of honor... Heck, it even has it's own Bud the Chud theme song!


So yeah, our best bud chud is now roaming the suburbs, being chased by some teenage goofs who need their corpse back or they're totally gonna get an F in science class! A “skanky” zombie experiment set loose on a podunk town – scrapin' with poodles, chompin' on heads, finding slick duds, falling in love, and making more chud buds 'till half the town is under the spell. This place just became chud central dude, and on Halloween no less. All building to an incredibly wild, chud-exclusive pool party at the school dance where shit goes totally bonkers in an ice cold, electrified, over-the-top chudsplosion!

Bud found love, but love left him cold... poor Bud.

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