Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube ★★

🌺Daily Horror Hunt #23 – May 2020🌺
2. Watch a sequel you haven't seen to a film you have seen.

Man, I loved the original Cube — innovative, stylish, with such a unique, clean look & feel while running off a totally bare bones budget — It's so good! Did I need more?... meh. Cube 2 has 10x(!) the budget of the original, but the single set design is still here, no major actors cast, no cool practical fx, and the story and characters are just a rehash off the original. I'm just gonna imagine all that extra cash was tossed into shitty CGI tech, because boy is there a lot of shitty CGI at play here. I saw someone say deadly Windows screensavers and yeah, that's being generous...

And the characters, they weren't the best in part one, but here they're just a whole other layer of useless. Maybe, maybe 2-3 characters in this could be considered vital to the plot, but there's so many extras roaming around, wasting time, and disappearing without a care. The two youngish characters are the worst, they bring absolutely nothing storywise, literally just here so that there's an obligatory sex scene, because that's what Cube was missing, some hot sexy action... And that's the last we see of them — two corpses, still in mid diddling, floating, locked in an extra dimensional void — atleast now I know to stay away from Cube Zero, turns out one cube movie was more than enough.

So much bright white light, so many spinning cameras, all those Dutch angles... I think I'm gonna go lie down 😯

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