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🌞Daily Horror Hunt #24 – June 2020🌞
24. Watch anything with a 2020 release date.
😈HORRORx52 (2020)😈
14. A Horror released in 2020.

Brandon C. borrows quite a few pages from his father's book of tricks, while still delivering something that feels so incredibly unique, something so fresh, something to call his own. Like father, like son - it runs in the blood. The body horror is on point – brain worms, teeth shattering, eyeball skewering, body melts aplenty, and all manner of bloody, brutal atrocities - but the way he delves into the psyche, the way he dissects memories and realities into a mind-melting mush, that's the true horror. That ending is gonna stick by me for a long, long while... so disturbing, so fucked up, so Cronenberg.

The body horror goes way past the skin, it seeps into the mind, it destroys the soul...

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