Tales of Poe

Tales of Poe ★★

💗Daily Horror Hunt #32 (Feb. 2021)💗
[7] Watch a horror that no one on your friends list has seen.


Man, that's a whole lot of fluff added to what is essentially an adaptation on two short stories and a poem. Though turning a poem that would take like a minute to read into a forty minute feature takes some kind of skill I guess? This anthology drags and drags with so much unneeded exposition, extra twists to the tales that felt so out of place, and a real TV quality vibe that gives everything that disgustingly bland look and feel. I appreciate the modern day approach on some old classics, it's nice to see Adrienne King/Amy Steel/Caroline Williams all in one flick, and a bit more blood and gore is always a plus in my book. But by the time the first story finished I was already mentally checking out... only 80 minutes left to go... 😧

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