Ugetsu ★★★★

A hauntingly beautiful tale of two men whose greedy ambitions become the downfall for the ones they love. A tale told many times before, but few have had such a fearful blend of the supernatural and of the harrowing plight of the living. Every scene with Lady Wakasa and Genjuro seems to flow like a dream. They are two people that have lost so much, but neither one realizes until it is too late.

Everything is held together with an eerie minimalist soundtrack that I wish more directors would take note of. Just the slow ringing of a bell or the rustling of the wind is more disconcerting than almost anything that could be shown on screen. I felt a sort of discomfort in every scene, because the slow and steady sounds always seem to build to a horror that never comes. It left me on edge for sure.

Although this is not a horror film, per se, it is what I look for in a legitimately scary movie. The minimal approach taken to everything within Ugetsu is going to leave a lasting effect for years to come. It cannot be said enough, this movie is the definition of the word haunting.

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