Ktown Cowboys

Ktown Cowboys ★★½

I haven’t watched the series this is based on so I can’t say I have much connection to these characters but I didn’t hate it. The acting isn’t great and there’s a bunch of super weird moments but it’s still charming enough despite all that. It’s got that whole vibe of a bunch of buddies sitting around making a story based entirely off their observations, which I’m never gonna be mad at. It does sorta feel like something where the web series is probably better though, both in pacing but also this movie has a couple egregious cameos which kill the authenticity. There’s also some moments where they take the time in narration to explain what certain Korean words mean which makes me the slightest bit confused who this is for but I’m not Korean so I can’t claim that they felt out of place it was just a weird choice to me as someone on the outside that a story built off relatable Korean experiences felt the need to explain what oppa means.