Princess ★★★½

I thought this was a pretty compelling way of exploring a kid coping with trauma and sexual abuse. It handled DID in a way that didn’t feel as exploitative as it usually does and felt like it was more sympathetic than just wanting to create a twist where suddenly the character has a different accent isn’t that quirky? (I know that can happen with real DID cases but most movies are interested in exploring the quirkiness rather than the actual cause and function you know?) The home life felt legitimately fucked up in a way that made it feel believable without at all sympathizing with the shitty boyfriend or writing the mom into a scenario where she’s tragically unable to do anything. I think it felt refreshingly mature and caring without once feeling like it was subtly trying to be sexy or exploitative. I wasn’t expecting anything at all cause the director’s other movie was the shitty one where lesbians fell in love but were tragically divided by views on the death penalty.

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