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  • The Truman Show
  • Rango
  • Private Life
  • mother!

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  • The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window


  • The Unforgivable


  • Escape the Undertaker


  • Senior Year

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  • Endings, Beginnings

    Endings, Beginnings


    i love all 3 actors but WOW what a terrible movie. i’ve never heard so many boring conversations in 1 hour 50 minutes also why is it edited like a pewdiepie video

  • Monsignor



    it took me 3 days to watch it and it was so bad it made me cry

    sexy priest content: 3/5
    actual movie: 1.5/5

    most of the time it doesn’t make sense i just kept watching it bc of the priest (christopher reeve aka superman*). but he doesn’t even do anything sexy he just walks around looking sexy

    *he has a black cape for some reason. thanks for the superman reference the movie is still shit

    christopher reeve is not bad i can tell he’s trying to make something out of this movie but most of the time the directing just doesn’t let him. it’s frustrating