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  • Nobody



    god this is a gem
    genuinely blew me away how funny and well rehearsed this all seems
    just like. forces you to suspend your disbelief and just watch bob odenkirk do funny fucking shit for 90 minutes
    sometimes it pays no attention to certain annoying action tropes, and other times it's just like . a complete love letter to annoying action tropes
    it looks Fantastic and the editing and pacing and writing just all seem like they were done out of a really joyful passion for this inherently goofy concept

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    fuck >:(

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  • Tenet



    it's not bad, but jesus christ this movie thinks it's soooo cool when it's actually just. eh.

    i didn't connect with the characters at all, despite the good performances by the actors

    this could just be the cinema i saw it in, but the audio was so messy and genuinely incomprehensible at a lot of points; important info delivered through dialogue was completely lost in the score or sound effects (although the score was kinda sick doe) (but like. a…

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    kristen wiig bimbofication

    i think they were going for Unhinged, but they just made pedro pascal sexier

    this was bad but i think it deserves two stars for the amount of times it made me laugh hysterically it's so funny but like. unintentionally about 80% of that time

    gal gadot hates guns, except when they're used by the israeli military

    go watch this it's so awesome