Three Colors: Red

Three Colors: Red ★★★★★

Sometimes you watch a film and you experience an emotion or a feeling you can’t quite identify. This failure to articulate, while frustrating, is a distinct feeling I get after I watch something truly special. It’s an ambiguous nostalgia for a place I’ve never known, a warming comfort I, against all odds, feel in the face of uncertainty. It’s believing the world you’ve immersed yourself in is free, with a scope you’ll never fully comprehend, and is perhaps wildly unpredictable, yet you’re reminded what you are watching is a controlled fiction setting. You feel, for once in a long time, at ease in spite of the world around you, because the world you are in is one that at the very least, makes sense.

Three Colors: Red
is able to confront existential questions with a lightness and delicacy that wraps around you like a warm blanket. Often times films say “everything is not ok” or “everything is ok”, but rarely have I seen a film say “everything is not ok, but that’s ok.” Of the films that have had that message, Red is easily the most successful. 

I loved everything about this film and the ending solidified the trilogy as one of the best I’ve seen.

10 / 10

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