Candyman ★★★

I'll refrain from ranting on my disdain for Horror remakes and the industry's insistence on digging up older franchises to make lifeless copies for profit. That aside, Candyman (2021) had genuinely great moments that surprised me, but the sum of its parts didn't make a great film. The horror elements were quickly the best part of the film, using various exciting kills and exposition dumps. The cutout animation was a great way to insert backstory, and this film featured a ton of backstory. However, the script was a little clunky. It translated into transparent acting that failed to express the importance of the underlying themes, making the attempts to generate intrigue through worldbuilding feel fruitless. Again, the horror elements carried the film as the script is trying desperately to run away from the genre - the scares weren't extreme but stylish and with shocking execution. It's a mixed bag overall but has its moments; for instance, the ending made me leave the theater smiling.

Extra notes:
• Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is going to have a long career. The script goes one way, and he's going another way, adding an extra layer to the film.

• The music and how it's mixed contribute a great deal to the energy and tone. It's a nice variety of the brooding Robert AA Lowe score and the poppy soundtrack.

• The original Candyman remains superiority

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