Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

A great low-concept horror thrill ride that's insane. Ready or Not embraces the idea that insanely rich are all kinds of fucked up - taking the long-standing family traditions that have existed longer than anyone in the family cares to remember and putting a beautiful (albeit psychotic) twist on it. Samantha Weaving is excellent as the bloody bride, never overplaying the bride angle and casually reacting to nasty bits of horror. And there's more world-building and character development than one would think for a script predicted almost entirely on the premise alone.

It's nice to get a campy horror film that isn't trying to be anything it's not and taking this idea to the outer lengths of its potential. Furthermore, it all leads to the glorious ending of the film that will linger in my mind for years to come. The entire runtime you're asking - are they going to go there? - and the answer is a resounding yes, they'll fucking go there. Watch this film with friends and family and enjoy the savagery.

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