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  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    I have to admit I was skeptical of whether or not Waititi could pull-off a nazi satire but Jojo Rabbit is quite successful. I think it works because the film isn’t about nazi Germany writ large, instead it’s a focused portrait of a young boy unlearning fascist ideals of masculinity and rediscovering his humanity. It's a delicate balance to strike but I doubt Jojo Rabbit would have worked if the subject matter had been treated more seriously. On the one…

  • Tomorrowland


    Tomorrowland gets one thing right and practically everything else oppressively wrong. The "big idea" behind the film's premiss is that people are not motivated to change the world by constantly telling them that everything is horrible. People are more motivated by hope for the possibility of a better world. This is true, as any good political organizer will tell you. Unfortunately every conclusion the film draws from that nugget of truth is wildly off base. The film interprets "a better…

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  • Passengers


    One of the worst examples of the "Abduction as Romance" trope I've ever seen in a movie. The narrative revolves around male entitlement and never resolves its deeply creepy and downright criminal premise.