Memoirs of an Invisible Man ★★★★

I never sought this out due to it's negative reputation. I imagine a lot of that reputation was based on audience expectations, but this is more of a paranoid Thriller trapped in a Comedy's body than a complete misfire. While it's not a classic, there's still plenty of things to recommend. First and foremost are the special effects which mostly still hold-up and are at times equal parts neat and unsettling, both intentionally and unintentionally. In particular, I really loved the fragmented space of the office building post-meltdown, a very cool concept and execution. Chevy Chase, while not the world's greatest dramatic actor gets points here for showing up, trying, and in some cases succeeding in delivering a compelling performance. Daryl Hannah doesn't really get an opportunity character-wise to deliver anything more than a strange role-reversal with Tom Hank's character from "Splash." I guess performance-wise, the real winner here is Sam Neil who delivers a wicked one-note villain performance. Marginal four stars!

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