Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn ★★★

jen shaw, i’m proud to award you the coveted title of wrong turn final girl. seven movies in and this is only our fourth final girl... 

i actually really enjoyed this for the most part. there’s pacing issues, and the glaring fact that this feels like two different movies, or stories rather as we move from slasher into all out survival/thriller/mystery type beat, from jen’s perspective to her father’s but it’s introduced and intertwined enough throughout the film’s duration to not feel completely disjointed as a whole. it’s always upsetting for lgbtq+ & poc characters to be introduced, only to be victims at the hands of the villains... hello wrong turn 4. when will i get my slasher where the final girls are two wlw? but i didn’t actually hate the main group at all, i was throughly enjoying their dynamics at the beginning although darius and adam did end up getting on my fucking nerves. and they’re slasher characters who make stupid decisions so, of course i was irritated. 
i also didn’t mind the foundation as villains, i felt it was refreshing for as iconic as three finger and his brothers are and have been, these more humanistic, realist characters - with clear motives and framed the way they were, i found, to be much more compelling. and i also found great enjoyment in the nod to the original set of films in the throwaway line towards the end about the twins picking a movie about inbred cannibals. and jen’s father going “another one?” you got me there alan mcelroy, are you happy? i’m also a fan of jen and her father’s dynamic being the driving force towards and within the third act, and towards her survival, rescue & resilience. that was a really nice change too. 

all in all, the film definitely has its flaws but for what it was, as another instalment of the wrong turn franchise, i thoroughly enjoyed it. it added a bit of realism to what was a set of movies spinning wildly out of control come it’s completely ridiculous 4th, 5th and 6th sequels. and as my opening line implies... beyond happy to have another wrong turn final girl to add to the count. charlotte vega was fab as jen. love her loads.

edit: also daisy head is absolutely STUNNING! i had no idea she was in this but i can’t wait to see her in shadow & bone coming this april!

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