Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys ★★★★

I feel that this type of 90s science fiction movies primarily heavily relied on the skill and storytelling talent of the cast. Nowadays you can cover bad, or even just average, acting up with some mind-blowing graphics and special effects and most people won't notice the glitch. That's such a shame. Too many modern science fiction films focus mainly on the visual effect they make on the audience rather than the story or the actors, which means when you're looking through the sci-fi genre you have to somehow sieve through all the movies to pick out the few with actual unique plots.

'Twelve Monkeys' has an incredibly strong plot that follows through perfectly and I thought it was backed up so perfectly by the cast. Bruce Willis is fantastic in movie, and Jeffrey is certainly the best role I've seen Bradd Pitt play (although I admit I haven't seen too many). Great stuff. A thrilling adventure, which also turns out to be very emotional and moving. The ending was wonderful. The only tiny bit I didn't like was that at times - somewhere in the middle of the movie - it felt a little long-winded and maybe it didn't have to be two hours long.

Maybe this wasn't the best time. I feel as if perhaps I should have watched it a long time ago, or maybe when I was in that sort of 90s sci-fi mood - it would have made a bigger, more impressive effect on me then. Otherwise, a brilliantly made film - entertaining and exciting.

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