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  • My First Film

    My First Film


    extremely sweet and zia anger is a treasure of a voice to have doing a project like this - combine this with a clearly active and engaged e-audience and you have something resembling what goes on in my mind when i watch good jonas mekas - although i really am not sure that the performance elements in this are something especially pioneering. it's a great use of this format, that is, discussing the failure of a previous project and finding…

  • Inventing the Future

    Inventing the Future


    i had honestly thought of a lot of oneliners for this before i even sat down to watch it finally ("we must embrace marxism-leninism-roombaism" being a favorite), and it turns out none of them ended up being applicable really...

    it's entirely reasonable to be suspect about the political intentions of this film (and book by extension surely) - some common criticisms that i see and that i agree with is that it ultimately has little to say about organizing and…

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