can't find em

shouts also: every SB film that i haven't seen at a screening/isn't on either of the criterion disks/history of AG
every takashi makino film that i haven't seen already (incl. the ones that aren't on letterboxd)

if it's not in english, the grail is for the film + english subs
i can do trades, but not all of the films i've seen i have immediate access/trading potential for

  • What The Water Said, Nos. 1-3
  • What The Water Said, nos. 4-6
  • The Truth About the Imaginary Passion of an Unknown
  • Eniaios
  • Flesh Angels
  • Newton and Me
  • Azure Serene
  • Singularity
  • Marco Polo (An Opera Within an Opera)
  • Crosses Over the Wasteland