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  • Up



    Before rewatching, here’s what I remember of Up:

    1. All the tears.
    2. Squirrel!

    Revisiting, that seems about accurate. The story of Carl and Ellie is beautifully rendered, which is why it stands out in my memories.

    The rest of the plot feels incidental. The baddie's motivations don't make much sense, which is perhaps why I forgot about that whole thread. Still a fun watch, and worth revisiting every decade or so to see how I feel as I grow older.

  • Deconstructing Harry

    Deconstructing Harry


    Noticed this time: how brilliant the editing.

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  • The Girl on the Train

    The Girl on the Train


    This film is total trash. As in trashy. As in it certainly has a place. Mostly it’s just disjointed, never really committing to a central character/narrative. So some of the drama ends up being laughable. The whole theater chuckled through the climax.

    All that said, Emily Blunt is incredible. I’m so glad films like this, that let her bring out that performance, exist.

  • The Misfits

    The Misfits


    The horse-wrangling out on the flats is wild to watch. There's so much happening in this film, it will take me a bit to digest. The standout for me: Wallach's performance. He's something of a gentle madman; I can never tell if he's going to explode.