Ocean's Eight ★★★

A fun heist romp through NYC. For the film’s pedigree, it’s rather staid. The camera movements are relatively simple, with the only visual excitement (outside of the films stars and their fashion) comes from zoom lenses that feel too crystal clear to sell the voyeuristic effect they seem to go for. I never expected Gary Ross to take the sorts of chances Soderbergh would, but I’d hoped for at least a little something more.

As for NYC, it feels as though this could be any city. Where Danny Ocean waxed poetic about Vegas, a town that seems to have immaculately birthed him, Sandra Bullock’s Debbie Ocean feels decoupled from the New York scene, which the script has established as part of her making (and undoing).

But it’s still entertaining and alluring. Anne Hathaway does some of her best work here.