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  • Cherry



    Really loved this! Epic storytelling in the vein of Scorsese or Oliver Stone...War, PTSD, Drug Addiction, Prison...(and throw in some Grand Funk and Mountain as well)...what’s not to love? 😂 One of my Favs of 2021 for sure!

  • Melancholia



    Rewatched Melancholia tonight for the first time in years...been a Lars Von Trier fan ever since seeing Breaking The Waves in a theater in NYC back in 1996 and this one is one of my favs!
    Worth it just for the opening sequence alone...and Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde provides the ultimate music for the Apocalypse #worstweddingever

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  • Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

    Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces


    OK, I'll admit it....as one of the biggest TP freaks on Earth, I hadn't watched this yet!!!!

    When I bought the Blu-ray Box Set the day it came out in 2014, I wanted to save this until after I did a rewatch in order to fully be back in "Peaks-Mode" to enjoy it.

    Honestly, I just expected an extended group of deleted scenes like any DVD bonus feature...

    I had no idea how mind blowing this footage was and absolutely…

  • Joker



    I am not a superheroes or comic book fan...I know absolutely nothing about the DC or Marvel universe or the Batman mythology...I probably would not have been interested in this film at all had I not seen the trailer and been blown away by the dark Scorsese-esque tone.

    Wow...and BLOWN AWAY I am!!! This was absolutely incredible. And yes, the Scorsese tone was absolutely spot on!
    It’s an obvious homage to both Taxi Driver and The King Of Comedy...with Arthur…