Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

I’m writing this still sitting speechless in a post-Tarantino haze...

For starters, this was everything I dreamed it would be (well, almost...more on that later)
The dialogue, the acting, the music, the set design, the incredible recreation of not only 1969 but so many bits from the decade leading up to it. (All of Rick Dalton’s Film and TV clips were cinematic masterpiece recreations from QT of a pre-hippy time and era - even down to the Bernard Herrmann-esque scores from Bounty Law)
This was the greatest cinematic time capsule transplant since PTA’s Inherent Vice.

Pitt & DiCaprio were flawless...as was pretty much the entire cast (and what a cast is was...from Margot Robbie to Al Pacino to Lena Dunham to Bruce Dern to Margaret Qualley) 

I suspect this film will get a little blowback and not be for everyone as it’s indeed slow and long...anybody expecting a real Hollywood Pitt & DiCaprio buddy Film is not gonna like this...(but I assume 70% of the world knows what they’re getting into when they go see a Tarantino film...) but I think the pace and general lack of action will disappoint some....(but not I...I ate up every single frame and could’ve watched a 5 hr cut of this!)

But ironically, my biggest disappointment in it kind of contradicts my previous paragraph. 

I actually found it almost....well...no pun intended...too “Hollywood”!  
I was very surprised at the lack of the QT trademark non-linear Chapters...even the opening and closing credits didn’t feel like the traditional Tarantino usual unique style. 
I really expected a more non-linear approach like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction or the Kill Bills....

But that’s really a minor disappointment in what was an incredible ride that I’m sure will actually even improve with further viewings now that my expectations have been answered and I can now watch without wondering every step.

There’s also another issue that I won’t spoil, but I’m curious to see the reaction to in the coming days/weeks as people get to see this film...I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, but it was truly a classic Tarantino move  🤔 

Anyways, this was surely one of my fav films of the year and probably my fav Tarantino film of the last decade too.

And like how I used to feel seeing a new Kubrick film when it would come around, I’m sad I have to wait so long to experience the next one....