Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces ★★★★

OK, I'll admit one of the biggest TP freaks on Earth, I hadn't watched this yet!!!!

When I bought the Blu-ray Box Set the day it came out in 2014, I wanted to save this until after I did a rewatch in order to fully be back in "Peaks-Mode" to enjoy it.

Honestly, I just expected an extended group of deleted scenes like any DVD bonus feature...

I had no idea how mind blowing this footage was and absolutely MANDATORY viewing this is for practically is another entire David Lynch Twin Peaks Campanion Film on its own!

I cannot believe that *entire appearances* from Sheriff Truman & Deputy Hawk, Andy & Lucy, Ed & Nadine, Mr & Mrs Hayward, Major & Mrs Briggs, Dr Jacoby, Pete Martell & Josie Packard were all shot and cut from the final film!! (I can't imagine how all of these actors felt when FWWM was released...)

Not to mention amazing extended scenes w Agent Cooper, Agent Jeffries (David Bowie), Theresa Banks, Bob & The Red Room and of course Laura & Leland...

Unlike most "deleted scenes" from other films, every scene here is as good as anything in the final film. And most of this footage would've actually improved FWWM.

There is one extended shot of Laura, seemingly becoming possessed by Bob, which is one of the scariest extended shots I've EVER seen!!! I'm not sure if it was Sheryl Lee acting or a digital manipulation...but it was absolutely TERRIFYING!!

Granted keeping all of this footage in the filmi would've put the film at almost 4 hours, but like Kill Bill or Nymphomaniac, it could've stood as two parts if need be. 
(which I suppose they now can with The Missing Pieces standing as it's own film)

Perhaps more shocking than the incredible quality of this footage itself is the fact that it took over 20 years to finally see the light of day!! But once again, I must THANK DAVID LYNCH for eventually getting this to us all...

(Now, would it be too much to ask for a stand-alone Blu-ray with all of the footage cut together? That really would be a missed opportunity to not eventually release....)

Well, the clock has strict is now officially MAY 2017!

We are 3 weeks away....