Favorite films

  • The Godfather
  • Yojimbo
  • Memories of Murder
  • Harakiri

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  • The Darjeeling Limited


  • Space Cop


  • Johnny Hamlet


  • The Samurai's Footsteps


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  • The Samurai's Footsteps

    The Samurai's Footsteps


    Instead of watching films I've actually been meaning to watch on Netflix watchlist (Boiling Point, The House, etc.) I decided to put on this pretty obscure documentary about a Samurai travelling to Spain in the 17th century.

    Actually, the history of the voyage is pretty interesting as is the town of Coria del Rio's discovery of its relation to it. However, the parts about the modern day cultural relationship to Japan are incredibly boring even if the statue of Hasekura…

  • Futureworld



    I watched Ryusuke Hamaguchi's superb five-hour film Happy Hour last month and it felt as long as an episode of Harvey Birdman compared to this absolute slog that is somehow only 104 minutes.

Popular reviews

  • Burnley v Manchester United

    Burnley v Manchester United


    Higher quality than most post-Ferguson United performances.

  • The Great Sasuke

    The Great Sasuke


    This had been on my watchlist for a few years and I'd found it quite hard to come by. Fortunately, the director kindly uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to watch.

    The Great Sasuke is one of my all-time favourite wrestlers – he's a fascinating character and very mysterious, donning his mask at home and even while in political office. Although this documentary never gets under the skin of who the Great Sasuke really is – we do see a…