Ex Machina

Ex Machina ★★★★½

Ex Machina was visually stunning, legitimately a sight for sore eyes and whirlwind experience.

Alex Garland's direction was absolutely beautiful, it was almost flawless and smooth, something that I can't truly put my finger on it. After seeing Annihilation last year, I was excited to see his directorial debut and let me say, I wasn't let down. This film was reminiscent to Blade Runner but in such a present and realistic way. I can't explain it but I'm dumbfounded.

Each character was written and fleshed out so well, that the performance were met perfectly; Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander were definite standouts, that caught my attention and never let me go. They were so ambiguous and compelling, I had to know more. The cinematography and visual effects were stupendous. Every scene felt delicately crafted with the use of colors and space, it was jaw-dropping. The score was truly fantastic and absolutely unnerving; it really got to me at times, and I don't know, it was all beautifulmy crafted.

The dance sequence was captivating, it made me so happy and I wanted to dance. In other scenes, I wanted to cry because it looked so beautiful and I'm just shook.

This film was truly a-maz-ing, and gorgeous. I was terrified yet fascinated; it done broke me.

p.s. Oscar Isaac, please call me. What a man.

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