The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The Last Black Man in San Francisco ★★★★

the last black man in san francisco is by far one of the most beautiful and tender films this year, dealing with family, friendship, and—most importantly—home. in all honesty, this film is such a breathe of fresh air that i didn’t expect to enjoy as much as i did. 

i simply can not believe this is joe talbot’s directorial debut because it’s well-crafted and thought out. the camerawork and editing paired with the cinematography were utterly perfect—it brings the city of san francisco to life, almost like a whole different world than our own. along with the beyond gorgeous score by emile mosseri that i hope will get nominated because there is nothing quite as spectacular as it is. both jimmie fails and jonathan majors give a terrific performance that show how complex their characters were. you can tell how much this story meant to joe talbots and jimmie fails, and i absolutely admire how ambitious this film was.

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