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  • Hedgehog in the Fog

    Hedgehog in the Fog


    I got a lot of the same feelings from watching this as I did when I first watched Over the Garden Wall.  I think both of these perfectly demonstrate how children’s media can have wide appeal without sacrificing the child’s enjoyment.  They are both very eerie and use the unknown as a way to spark wonder and knowledge rather than something to be afraid of, while ultizing the freedom that animation provides them to make the stories breathtakingly beautiful

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  • Life After Beth

    Life After Beth


    *zombie Aubrey Plaza aggressively grabs Anna Kendrick around her mouth* *yelling* "Is this where you put your cock Zach!?"

    This would have worked a lot better if it had a better script and the comedy was a little better. Quite a few times it reached the quality of Karyn Kusama's 2009 masterpiece Jennifer’s Body, but unfortunately most of the time it fell flat. I do however absolutely adore the cast, particularly Aubrey, Anna, and Matthew Gray Gubler, who I feel shined in their roles.

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  • mother!



    Are y’all done pretending this is a bad movie?

  • Blue Valentine

    Blue Valentine


    “Tell me how I should be. Just tell me. I’ll do it.”

    Heartbreaking in the best possible way.  Michelle and Ryan give their all in this film and it pays off.  Every scene feels devestatingly real.  Watching the dissolution of their marriage at the same time as them falling in love makes it that much more heartbreaking.