Rancho Notorious ★★★★½

Arthur Kennedy is a vengeful psycho channeling Glenn Ford from Lang's earlier The Big Heat (and isn't this really a noir, anyway?), Mel Ferrer looks like James Woods, and Marlene Dietrich is charismatic as ever, yet now with the weight of decades and WWII upon her (according to Billy Wilder she spent more time on the front lines than Eisenhower) she has begun to seem beaten down. Lang's vision of the west as constantly on the verge of descending into total chaos, where even good people eventually resign themselves to evil, is halfway to Aldrich's brutal Vera Cruz and not too far away from Leone and Corbucci, either.

P.S. Here's something those revisionist westerns can't hold a candle to: title songs! And this has one of the best; it keeps coming back throughout the whole goddamn movie, too! My mom hated it, but I thought it was awesome.