Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

So, the million dollar question, is Endgame still the best MCU movie on rewatch? Well let's start by asking, is Endgame stand alone or the 2nd half of Infinity War? If it is the latter, then yes it is the best. But if we separate the two, I actually prefer Infinity War. I think Endgame is excellent, 3 hours of my eyes glued to the screen, the emotional moments, Captain Marvel getting the stones from Spider-Man as the women of Marvel come together, really gets to me. The wrap up is also a tear jerker, I mean more than a decade in the making, how could it not. But there is one big key to IW being #1. It has the luxury of being able to make me laugh. The entire tone of Endgame is down beat, sure fat Thor is hilarious and you still have Rocket and Korg to bring a joke, and Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man playing off each other, but really the most happiest parts of Endgame is finding ways to squeeze everyone in the movie. Now I admit, that is an impressive feat all by itself, but it can come off as fan service. Infinity War as I said in that review has the perfect blend of Avengers action and Guardians comedy. I do love that we get to see a bit more from other characters here, namely Nebula, but so many of my favorites are missing for most of the movie.
It's funny that Far From Home is in Phase 3, this really should have wrapped it all up, I almost don't even want to bother watching Far From Home. The first Avengers film set a new standard, subsequent films both failed and succeeded in surpassing that. Infinity War/Endgame put the bar so high, I don't think it is possible to eclipse it and shouldn't really be tried.
My review of Endgame I wrote after coming out of the theater is still up, and I don't really disagree with it. I want to consider IW and EG two parts of the same movie, but for my list IW will be #1. But still leaving Endgame 5 stars and #2.

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