• Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi


    Set right in-between the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy, the big question for me going into it, is will it be like those terrible prequel films or more like the other Disney owned Star Wars entries. I knew better than to have an expectation of it being on the level of the original trilogy. I watched the first 5 episodes each week and then rewatched those five leading up to the sixth and final episode. So I have a…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    On the strength of some of the greatest practical effects ever along with a cast of very talented actors, The Thing is one of the best horror films ever made. I actually got to see this in the theater when it came out in 1982, yes I know I was only four, so I really don’t remember much, especially watching it through my hands, so with the 40th anniversary re-release in the theater I figured I had to go. Surprisingly…

  • Jersey Girl

    Jersey Girl


    Kevin Smith’s first film without Jay and Silent Bob. At the time it was talked about as being his most grown up, as it was clear that being a father was clearly his biggest motivation for the film. I am sure there is a bit auto-biography in here for him, like there is in all of his work, outside of obviously still having a mother to help. Panned at the time, mostly due to the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez…

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    After more than a decade of waiting, and an extra two weeks because of COVID, I finally made it out to see Top Gun Maverick. I am a sucker for these nostalgia movies and shows, mostly because of the comfort of seeing “old friends”, however I am not unaware of how easy it is to just play fan service to the audience, something that happens far too often in these situations. When this was announced, that is exactly the type…

  • South Park: The Streaming Wars

    South Park: The Streaming Wars


    Streaming Wars, a topic that the boys at South Park hadn’t really covered yet, but has been going on for quite a while. Obviously what is best about this special is that Matt and Trey show they are willing to make fun of themselves just as much as they do anyone else. The Meta references in that the South Park Boys are selling their product to any streaming service that will pay is what works best about this one. Yes…

  • X



    I am overly critical on modern horror films. So many remakes or arthouse dramatic pieces have really changed the landscape from the slashers I grew up with. Originality will always be praised and especially with someone like Jordan Peele, social commentary, which was a hallmark of classic horror. The modern take has seemed to be a feeling that horror films need to be more upscale works of cinema, which isn’t my problem, the problem is not tackling any of the…

  • Saraband



    Bergman was never one to tackle sequels, but following up on these two after 30 years is a real treat. In true Bergman fashion we have a second story here showing a new grotesque display of human interactions. I make no mistake that Scenes from a Marriage is my favorite Bergman film so more Johan and Marianne is always going to be on the forefront of my mind when I think of this film. Börje Ahstedt Uncle Carl from Fanny…

  • High School U.S.A.

    High School U.S.A.


    So while looking for something to watch, my Amazon recommend this, I had never heard of it, but the tremendous cast of Television actors lead by Michael J Fox was enough to hook me. A cheap looking made for TV movie that is supposed to be in the same genre as something like Fast Times and Ridgemont high plays it for the fun, but has very little of interest outside of seeing these classic television actors thrown together for the…

  • Johnny Be Good

    Johnny Be Good


    So after watching Gattaca, I was reminded of the first movie I ever saw Uma Thurman in, her debut Johnny Be Good, and a film where the John Hughes geek Anthony Michael Hall from Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, and The Breakfast Club is now the titular star jock. Complete with an over the top crazy performance from best friend side kick Robert Downy Jr. The film is billed as a sports movie, but football takes a back seat to a…

  • Gattaca



    90’s sci-fi classic, still holds up today. Set in near future, but its neo-noir look makes it’s hard to say it couldn’t still be the near future. I wrote a paper in college on this and I said it would never happen, and so far it really hasn’t, so that’s good. Still it should be a cautionary tale, but mostly viewed as an inspirational film showing the undeniable spirit of the human will. The cast is excellent and the story…

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    So after my disappointment with both The VVitch and the Lighthouse, my expectations for this were not high, sadly they were not surpassed. I would say that I did like this one the most of the three, and it’s actually good. I will give it 4 stars, but I wasn’t certainly blown away by it. Again like his other works it’s a beautiful film even when it’s being very ugly. I think the performances are strong, but I think it…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    So it’s no big secret that I wasn’t a fan of the VVitch, and am not the biggest art house horror film fan. So when this was announced I put it off, even with its glowing reviews and recommendations. I did decide that after my viewing of the VVitch I was going to watch this as a drama film and not a horror film. Still with the Northman making its way Peacock it was about time I watched it. No…