Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey ★½

There's the old cliché that movies tend to generally be not as good as the books they're based on. So what happens now, when you take an already mediocre book and try to make a movie out of it?

Nothing good happens, that's for sure. It doesn't help that the casting is abysmal - Jamie Dornan absolutely does not work as a rich control freak, and the chemistry between him and Dakota Johnson is also not very thrilling, to say the least. Not only does this movie manage to make you feel like absolutley nothing happened in the last two hours, it also manages to be very disappointing regarding the main selling point - the sex scenes.

Obviously releasing a movie made from source material like this as a hollywood movie is never going to not be disappointing from an erotic level, but the way Fifty Shades of Grey did it couldn't have been less exciting.

The one thing that made me not completely hat the book was the inner turmoil Ana was facing the whole time through - there's this whole gimmick of her inner goddess and her subconcious being living beings, and I found the way those inner thoughts were described somewhat neat - was (for obvious reasons) completely missing from the movie, making it almost exciting as watching your freshly painted fence dry - almost.

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