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This review may contain spoilers.

C3PO and R2D2's adventures is a movie that tells the story of two robots and their significant role in saving the world. Chock-full of charme, this movie (that started an insane franchise) manages to create a universe full of unique races and species, characters with lots of personality (and also, Luke) and a world that just feels vivid and living. Feeling a bit more lighthearted throughout than people give it credit for, it's simply entertaining.
On the topic of lightheartedness - this might be the fault of the timeframe this movie was produced in, but there was something off with how tragedies were handled in this movie. You wouldn't expect to feel a lot of care and grief from Luke the way he is introduced and presented, but even with other characters, I always had the feeling that no one was phased by the fact that a whole planet had just been destroyed.
Other than that (and other than the somewhat unlikeable nature of Luke) it's a great movie, filled to the brink with charme and personality and all around great moments.