Tenet ★★★

This is easily the most frustrating opinion to have about Tenet! I would have enjoyed despising it - I've soured very slightly on Nolan's Whole Deal recently, and this looked like it could be his first really shocking misstep. I would also have enjoyed joining the ranks of those absolutely blown away by it, which includes a lot of people I respect, and the movie they saw sounds like a blast. Instead, much to my irritation, I thought it was Okay. Branagh and Pattinson give really fun performances, and John David Washington (from what I can tell, a bad actor) does enough to keep his head above water. The Dutch airport heist is a nice, slick piece of work, enjoyable enough to get you into the flow of the movie before the reverse stuff really kicks in and makes the whole thing kind of incomprehensible. Along those lines, at no point did I really understand the internal logic of the time-reversal material, and I refuse to feel stupid about that! The stakes of each individual scene are still coherent enough to keep the film ticking along, but very rarely did I understand the mechanics of the coolest actions in the scene, and without that last step this just couldn't be an outstanding movie for me. Still, not a historic blunder either. Sad!

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