Spencer ★★★★

If Kristen Stewart doesn't win majority of the major awards this season, I might turn into a blood sucking vampire. So watch out juries.

As a standalone fairytale, Spencer worked wonders for me. From the very first scene I was entranced. And that banger of an entry for Diana, absolutely breathtaking! Made sure I was in for a "ride".

But (and this is a very personal opinion and I hope I could ever have a different perspective) I wished I cared about the British royal family to actually care about any movie(or series), even critical, that's put out. I dont know if its the history, or the unabashed privilege, or the unbridled lack of acknowledgement, or the summation of all those things. I just find my time to be far too precious for them.

So, as a standalone fable this works for me, Kstew's performance was my only curiosity and she is just PRICELESS but boy was I taken aback by the writing. There are many scenes that are masterpieces on their own, but the one at the beach with Sally Hawkins stands head and shoulder above everything.
And that Greenwood score!!! So mesmerizing and thrilling.
Great job Pablo Larrain. Great Job!

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