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  • My Little Loves

    My Little Loves


    A good portrayal of a kid exploring sexuality and adulthood. Contains a story one can relate to beyond the repressed boundaries of the mind.

    There have been loads of movies which attempted to show a teenage boy's sexuality. This is better than most of them with it's brutally focused on a kid's perversions and thoughts.

  • The Mother and the Whore

    The Mother and the Whore


    Really great movie that attacks & challenges the social and sexual prejudices of the society. The movie is rich in dialogue and characters evolve with dialogue, which reflects their beliefs. Music and movie references are also used as a way to describe character.

    The continuous monologue by certain characters, while the other characters seem disintersted, at times made the scenes rather one sided, favoring one particular character or one particular viewpoint.

    A really long, thought provoking and a Genuine depiction of the working class, love and sex.

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  • Don't Look Now

    Don't Look Now


    slightly surreal with an tinge of mystery. Good sound effects make it proportionately eerie while staying cohesive with the tone of the film.