A Fistful of Dollars

A Fistful of Dollars ★★★★

Clint fuckin Eastwood. What an actor, what a personality. This is a story about "a man with no name" Coming to village San Miguel, Mexican town in the midst of power struggle between Rojo brothers and Sheriff Baxter and his guys, and how our hero manipulate the two groups and inserts himself into the middle of the feud by selling false information for his profit.

Coming onto the acting Clint Eastwood is just magnificent. He really gave the iconic performance. I haven't seen a lot of spaghetti films but I can imagine only his face whenever I hear "bounty hunter". I don't wanna talk about the other cast members as it is evident because of low budget Italian spaghetti films many of them were amateur in acting and it was quite cheesy but despite that I don't have much problem though the Spanish to English dubbing was very much poor but for me it worked weirdly.
This film is chaos, very over the top, stylish and some great action scenes with the gun blazing every 10 or 15 mins. One of the positive thing is how director Sergio leone didn't turned this film into any specific genre, he made his own film with close ups, weird story pacing (sometimes fast, sometimes way too slow) . First part of Dollars trilogy Sergio leone created something special and even if it's not the best product, I totally admire his effort. And yes Ennio Morricone music works as fresh air in the desert. Specially in opening credits.

Overall, I haven't seen Kurosawa Yojimbo , which I heard is the original and better film and have to check out but I heard this film has its own style. So I'm not sure how to feel but for right now, I loved the film.

At last wanna say Distancing itself from the American style Western this film was fresh, brutal, violent and bloody. So if you guys haven't, watch this just for Eastwood cowboy performance. It's perfect.

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